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China Social Games is a blog dedicated to tracking the hottest games, networks and trends in the Chinese internet.  We've scaled the great wall to give you the story from the inside.  Based in Shanghai, the gaming capital of the East, we hope to shed some light on the massive but somewhat hidden world of Chinese social games. China Social Games is brought to you by the BloggerInsight team.

Contributor Bios

Kai Lukoff is an analyst at BloggerInsight and a founding blogger of China Social Games.  He is a graduate of Stanford University, where he studied politics, economics, and Mandarin.  Follow Kai on Twitter ().

Lucas Englehardt is CEO of BloggerInsight and co-founder of the first hacker space in Shanghai, 88 Spaces.  Proficient in Mandarin, he advises, speaks and blogs about tech and startups in Asia. Follow Lucas on Twitter ().

Ying Xue is the Co-founder of BloggerInsight and a Chinese blogger: She has an MSc in Economics and good knowledge of Chinese games, tech, and startups. Follow Ying on Twitter ().